Sunday, July 19, 2009

Newbie (for now)

It's almost like I've jumped on the bandwagon and I'm doing this all to promote my work and hopefully run a successful Etsy. I also think there are many things I can share. Things I hope to inspire others who crochet.
In all honesty, sometimes I am doubtful of my own work. Yes, it may be pretty. I was only taught to crochet by my grandmother shortly before she died. I worked on Barbie Baby comforter sets and scarves and I actually did them all wrong. I only new double crochet. I probably knew how to start a row and end it properly from my grandma, I just forgot. So for a long time I was making people gifts and the rows were crooked and the stitches were always off, so I improvised.
One day I taught my friend all my skills. Everything I knew. Even the BS stitches I made up. She ended up reteaching me and correcting my most basic errors. I felt so bad. But I kept going.
I ended up going online. Relearning. Reteaching myself the most basic. Start off on stitch one. I didn't have my grandmother to show me, but everytime I look at her beautiful afghans, I knew she wanted to pass the craft to me. So I learned.
I'm still learning, creating. I follow patterns once in a while to make sure I know I'm doing it right. But I also make up so much of my own. I get inspired by people going beyond the "typical" crochet of my grandmother's day. She focused on afghans and blankets, hats too. She loved making gifts for people, especially her grandkids. I make so many gifts as well. At least to the people who appreciate it (yes, I've seen the reaction from some people as if my handmade scarf was an insult and me being cheap.) To all their own.
I love what I do. I wouldn't do it if I hated it. I have always been artistic. I also love painting and crafting anything I can do. I am also an interior designer. But on the side, I want to do this. I want my Etsy shop to succeed. I want to know people enjoy my designs, whether kookie or fun.
I think there's a style I make most. Colorful and bold. We can all wear grey but sometimes some of us need to feel bright.
I'll post some patterns but please understand I'm still learning to write them. All criticism if appreciated. Also, I appreciate that my designs remain used for personal use. I would never sell someone else's and use it as my own (although many designs may look like someone else's, I promise that I did not follow anything but my own counts and style.)
Ok, enough of that.
I want to have fun!
More to come...