Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Long Break

So yes, I haven't posted in a while.  Let me break it down.

In January my grandfather passed away.  It was very difficult and painful for my family and myself.  He was one of the most honest, trusting men I have ever known and he has looked after me like his own child.  Same for my brother.  We were very lucky to have him for this long and miss him dearly.  I often crocheted him scarves and hats and all sorts of things.  It was, his wife and grandmother who taught me the craft.

Several weeks ago I had the worst headache in the world and of course, still went to work.  I came home and it got so much worse and the next day I went to the doctor.  He immediately wanted me to go to the ER where they discovered I had Meningitis.  After more tests and spinal taps it was proven to be viral (the much less deadly one.)  I was so grateful, but I was in the hospital for 4 days and I'm still recovering.  Needless to say, that experience was rough but I am happy to have a lot of support around me.

Now I am slowly working on a commissioned baby blanket project.  I wish I can get it done quicker but my headaches come and go and it is so difficult to stay focused.  I will keep hammering away.  I am very close to being done, though, and it's so beautiful!  It's for a boy baby and I am very happy this lady loves the untraditional darker tones of blue.  There's a point where baby colors are not fascinating.  I have read so much research that proves vivid colors helps stimulate the baby's mind as the softer colors are harder to register.  So yes, a stimulating blanket indeed.  And I hope warm and snuggly too.

Sorry no pics today.  Nothing new but when the blanket is done, I'll post it.  

And yes Mary Fran, I will get to that baby hat pattern.  I need some motivation and some good medications.

I hope to be feeling well very soon.  And I hope Spring comes out of hiding.

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