Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Bad at Blogging

I hate to admit it, but blogging is one of the millions of things I skip when I don't have time.  That and exercising.  Lots of things changed in the course of one year.  Here is a brief synopsis:

  • I crossed over to the other side.  I did it.  I knit now.  Mostly socks.  Nice ones, in fact.  I need to make a pair for me soon.  I don't like how crochet socks feel.  Then again, I'm weird about socks.
  • I'm thinking of buying a new spinning wheel.  My garage sale find is only good for decoration and frustration.  I'll resell it on Craigslist soon, but after I get a new wheel.
  • I finally organized my stash.  I have a nice stash and I am perfectly on my way to becoming a yarn hoarder.   I also have a lot of not so nice yarn, so maybe I'll donate a lot of it to a charity.
  • Etsy has almost completely gone away from me, like blogging.  I did buy some mannequin materials, like a cheap torso and female head so maybe I can refind that time, along with working out and blogging.
I think that's it.  Maybe next time I'll post some pictures of projects.  Man, I'm lazy.

Oh and BTW, I finally got some Wollmeise yarn!  2 skeins of lovely sock weight yarn and I think those will be my super awesome selfish socks I'll make for me one day.  Right now, my WIP is a baby blanket for my best friend due sooner than I hope because, again, time.  Can someone please find my missing time???

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