Saturday, August 15, 2009

Something old but new to me

Ok I made my first Tam. Tam O'Shanter. Silly as it's so easy yet never tried it before.

I used this:

Great pattern, btw. I wanted to know the basics before I started something by adding my own flair. There's a ton of patterns, so many creative ones, but I'm trying out using a pineapple stitch and maybe even other things. I'm done with the back, done in SC. It's huge, but I have long hair so what the hey?.

Actually, I just got my hair cut so I can finally feel cute enough to model my hats for Etsy. I had blah hair before and didn't have the time to cut it. It was half way down my back and dual colors with previous dye jobs. Plus, the hints of grey sprouting from my skull wasn't helping. I look young for my age and I intend on keeping this trend up for hopefully the rest of my life (or when it really matters most.)

Ok, I digressed as usual.

I used two yarns and combined as one. Caron's Simply Soft colors Heather and Berry Blue. I lined the bottom in just the blue at the final part of the pattern and used a smaller hook to make up for it. I modified the pattern at that point to make up for that change.

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